I need an interface for my cars raspberry pi computer

Hi everybody, I’m new to this so bare with me please.
I’m a controls engineer and am used to working with allen bradley plc’s and hmi’s. I’ve been a controls engineer for 10 years and am fluent with those programming languages. This is my first raspberry pi project though and I’m more or less teaching myself. My project is a computer for my car that controls the heating and air controls as well as some lights I’ve installed and the radio/media too. I’ve gotten the raspberry pi to control everything so far. I’m down to the interface. I’ve been able to create a couple basic GUI’s from some tutorials but nothing significant. I saw something about the chromium kiosk or something like that. Can anybody tell me if the chromium is programmable? Can I add switches and dials to control my relays and outputs? If not, does anybody have any suggestions for interface software? Thank you in advance!

Hi, Chromium is juste a light version of Google Chrome,The kiosk mode is for start in full screen.
You need to programme a website to use it.

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If you are just starting out and ok with javascript then I would suggest you have a look at node-red. Its dashboard function is actually pretty ok once you get familiar and you will probably find it good to help integrate some other capabilities


A late reply, I know…I am of the same background as the OP, but on Valmet DCS and some ABB dcs programming.

I am considering doing a solution to run the AutoPI hardware on Automotivr Grade Linux, which already includes some of what you’re after. You can also setup a dev environment and toll your own images, but some basic ones can be downloaded, there are supporting images for Pi3 and Pi4, for example.

Just another idea :wink:


I’ve anyway ordered the new Gen3 telematics diy board, already received the extra Pi 4b 8gb board. Sure this is going to be heaps of fun doing a build from AGL source and configuring it to run the AutoPI hardware.

Not sure I will succeed, I will anyway have a few basic questions for AutoPI Devs, but I started yesterday by looking at what chips were used on the older AutoPI gen2 hw board, first step would be to roll support for that CAN transceiver into AGL. I would assume the same chip is used on the newer board.

Let’s see, I might open a seperate thread /project discussion for my AGL efforts.

Will keep you posted.