Hyundai Kona / Ionic EV

Has anybody been able to really find the Break Lamp PID on the Kona EV?
I’ve tried the Ioniq EV PIDs and here’s what I found:

003_VMCU Brakes On,Kona Brakes On,2101,ABS(BIT(g:1)-1),0,1,7E2
This formula will return 1 whenever the brake pedal is actually pressed and 0 otherwise.
It will be 0 if you are using regen even if the brake light turns on because of the regen (for example 90 km/h and remove your foot from the accelerator while at regen level 3).

003_VMCU Brake lamp,Brake lamp,2101,{g:0},0,1,7E2
That doesn’t seem to be the brake lamp since it doesn’t go to ’ 1’ when the brake lamp turns on during regen as indicated above. This bit seems to follow exactly what the brake pedal does (same as above, but doesn’t need any formula).

As you can see, I’m using Torque. Maybe I need to switch to autopi at some point because I want to find out more PIDs for the Kona.
Thank you for your help!

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Has anyone with a Hyundai Ioniq electric get some use with autopi yet?
I have tried som PID and can get some info, but have no use for it .
For example i can bet status of battery in procentage when charge, but it is not update enough to have use for it .

So i am interested och some screen shot what you have that works good on dashboard with Ioniq :slight_smile:

Regard Jörgen

I’m getting data with no problems. I am not using the dashboard however. Pulling data from API is quite easy and it works:

This is what I get in my Home Assistant currently:

Thats look great :slight_smile:
And you have have constant data for exemple when fast charge to se SOC?
How do you get API from Autopi to home assistant?

Best regard Jörgen

If you look at 15:00 you see SOC going up. That was 50 kW fast charging. Later in the evening I charged it at home to full - small error was because AutoPi turned off for a few minutes.
I hope the last update fixes this :smiley:

I get data to Home Assistant with Node-Red. I found that easier than anything else. I posted the code somewhere on the forums here.
I think I have to fix it though, there were some changes made to the API (no more from-time, just from etc.)

Is there anyone that has found a way to get the GOM estimated range with the Autopi (as calculated by the car)?
For any EV or rather Ioniq in particular :slight_smile:?
Nice to have together with charging alerts on the phone.
In the post Receive charging alerts on your phone ( and smart watch ) the range is calculated from the estimated range * SOC not the cars estimation that includes temp, driving style etc. in the calculation

I would also like to know and how to get readings from the odometer. I currently get 67,108,865 as value. The real Value should be 260KM.

I figured out a workaround, found it in a spreadsheet:
I used it to make this:
return {“msg”: "Charging at "+format(chargingPower,’.2f’)+"kW, SOC (BMS) now “+format(soc,’.1f’)+”% GOM now "+format(0.01soc_display2800/(16.08813 + (temp*(-0.13873))),’.0f’)+“km”}

Where soc_display is obvious and temp is the battery min temp (I couldn’t get the air temp)
0.01soc_display2800/(16.08813 + (temp*(-0.13873))),’.0f’)+“km”
2800 = the battery capacity of the Ioniq
-0.13873=the temp impact on range / centigrade

The model is linear for the temp impact, probably not quite correct, but it worked ok today (around 20 degrees)
The constants probably needs to be changed for other cars (and speed is assumed to be 100km/h), they are all for Ioniq 2800/(16.08813 + (temp*(-0.13873

Telegram sends me these now when charging (and stopping to charge):

Nice :slight_smile:

Maybe push the update to ?

I think I did now, I haven’t used git hub before.
I could make a branch and then a pull request for you to accept.

I only have a message: car unlocked

Everthing is working fine at last for my Ioniq electric, after very long time with support and help from here :slight_smile:
I am just wondering if someone have a widget on dashboard for GOM ?
Works fine in Telegram ( Thanks to AndersO :slight_smile:)
But should be nice to have on dashboard to.
Regard Jörgen

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