How do I create a new Event? Alternatively, how to edit a pre-existing one?

My goal is to send a POST message from the AutoPi Cloud to a mock server of mine.
This message must contain a variable of my choice (ex: the monitoring of the speed vehicle) and, for my project, I need to send it from the Cloud, not from the AutoPi itself (as, in my understanding, sending the POST message directly from the Custom Code results in the message being sent from the dongle, not from the Cloud. Please tell me if I’m wrong in this)
I noticed that this is possible by using the Triggers functionality, but sadly it works only on the pre-existing Events.
I tried to wrap my head around the Event Reactor, which in my comprehension is the one I should use to create new Events of my choice, but I really don’t know how to make it works.

Alternatively, it would be useful for me to “fake” a pre-existing Event by firing it from a Custom Code.
I tried to follow this guide Custom Code: Write custom trigger to play beep sound when speeding and tried to write my own Execution Custom Code (named “my_firing_event”) in this way:

import logging

log = logging.getLogger(___ name ___)

def test():

__ salt __ [ “” ] ( {}, “vehicle/battery/charging”)


As I wanted to fake the event “vehicle/battery/charging”, so that in a second moment I can make it happen in a [if… then] condition, and basically making it my own event.

I tried to run this code in the terminal with my_firing_event.test(), but I always get timeouts.

Can you help me? How do I manage the Events happening in my AutoPi, so that I can use the Triggers the way I want them?

Edit: I added spaces before and after “name” and “salt” in the code written above to avoid formatting

Did you get it done?