Help me understand the eco-system from a hobbyist perspective


I have gotten som info from “the website”, some from “support/sales” and some from “The documentation”.

Basically, I am a pure hobbyist that just like to tinker.

i have two usecases;

One: My own Vehicle (Cupra Leon Sport Tourer Hybrid 2021). (Bascially a VW Golf that has gone Goth). I would like to get the usual data (Battery charge level, fuel level, diagnosic codes). I would like to be able to access this data in a format where I could pull it into HomeAssistant.

It would be very nice to be able to trigger the electical climate remotely, same way as you can do from the app “Cupra Connect” that I dislike for several reasons.

Now, I guess that the Mini-dongle would be sufficient for this? What would I really gain by going with the full version? It is ublikely that I’ll add custom hardware to this.

However, I do not really see an abundance of resourse for proprietary PID etc for this one. So, I guess remote control is challenging?

Use Case 2: MY elderly parents VW Golf Estate… I beleive it is a Gen VI.
Would really just be able to have access to diagnostic code remotely. But of course the usual data would be fun to push to a GOogle doc or something. Dad liks statistics for vehicles.

No need for anything more then a mini here I would say?

Basically… Any helpful advice?

Hello @janjoh,

Thank you for reaching out!
For sales inquiries it is always good to reach out to

For your usual data- battery charge, fuel level and diagnostic codes, the AutoPi Mini will be sufficient.
You can also integrate with Home Assistance through our open Cloud Plaform with using its API to pull the data.

If you are looking for more extension possibilities, developer features and more powerful device in terms of customization the AutoPi CM4 would be a better choice.

Hope this helps!