GUI/Operating system

Good afternoon all,

It has been a while since I have had a play with my AutoPi dongle. In fact, I havent touched it so far this year. Cars been off the road, but she is now back.

Sooooo. I am looking for ideas on a GUI or operating system to use alongside the AutoPi. I have a 10 inch touchscreen that i’ve had a custom mould made for to sit in my centre console. I want to make this look plush and smart with a slick User interface.

A. Im a novice on any Raspberry PI stuff.
B. looking to be able to record CAN and have on screen buttons etc on the touchscreen to I can open and close windows etc…
C. Multimedia aspect. I’ll have a 4G dongle so I will probably move away from your standard FM radio and go to internet radio/Amazon Music/Spotify etc.
D. Smooth touchscreen based controls to swap between Maps > AutoPi > Media.

I am basing most of what I want to see based on a Chinese Tesla style system my brother in law had in his motor. It wasnt the quickest, but it was smart.

So from knowledge contained within this forum I’m hoping I can make some headway.

Cheers All.