GM ALDL OBD1 interface

Hi, I am a newcomer to the AutoPi community and I would like to use the AutoPi to interface with my old GM ALDL computer (using the OBD2 plug, Holden Commodore VX). I have been searching for a while looking for an interface that can show the basics of what the engine is doing (eg. Temp, Oil Pressure, Bat Volts) and to display this on the Raspberry Pi 7" screen. I have no knowledge of programing which has made this search all the harder. I would either need something already built or some examples so I can get someone to program it for me.
Does anyone in this community have any idea where I would start with this or if the AutoPi would still work with the older GM ALDL interface?
The Holden Commodore VX was the last model before Holden started using OBD 2 and was sold in Australia in 2002. Just in case you need some background on the model.
Thanks in advance, Rod.