Get Custom OBD Loggers entries through Rest API


I added some customs entries in the OBD Loggers interface (see attached picture). Now I would like to get these data through the Rest API. For those already shown in the dashboard, we used the following FET request:

with key looks like speed, engine_load, coolant_temp, …

Which kind of request should I do to get my customs OBD entries ?


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Hi Nicolas

Unfortunately it’s not possible to retrieve the data yet… :confused:

The development of the custom OBD loggers was a bit faster than we anticipated, so we opted to release it when it was done instead of waiting for the actual retrieval part to be finished.
It should not be more than a few weeks before it will be possible to retrieve the data from the REST API.

Literally the next thing I am working on is those changes, enabling you to retrieve the custom data from the REST API, and afterwards also being able to display it in the dashboard.

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Hi Malte,

Thanks for your answer, we will wait for the next release!

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