Frustrated beginner

I’m having the greatest of difficulty getting started with AutoPi. I’ve watched the video tutorials and felt ready to try out what I had seen. I have an AutoPi Telematics Unit - 4G/LTE Edition with software release 2021.06.03.

On the basis of the video tutorials, I thought my best initial approach was to examine the reactors and beacons in the system to get an overview of what is available to me. Suffice it to say that I have been unable to find beacons anywhere in I’ve found that individual services have a tab for reactors, though I have yet to find a real example of a reactor.

I have only been working in IT since 1977 so I have still have a lot to learn :slight_smile: I am convinced of the AutoPi concept and I’m sure that the documentation is excellent once one knows what one is doing. But I can’t find a way in.

I know enough about Linux and Raspberry Pi to implement anything I want on the platform. But since there is such a powerful system delivered with the AutoPi it would seem more sensible to use that system rather than build a new parallel system (which I don’t want to do anyway).

I have got the AutoPi on my desk at the moment. I haven’t put it into my motorbike yet, which I am aware will change its appearance and behaviour. But I’ve got to do some configuration and implementation first to make it do what I want (control the recharging of the bike’s battery when it is in known wifi networks).

The connection to works seems to work with my device but, under the circumstances, that’s not much use…

What I’m missing is an architectural overview with uptodate terminology and a definition of crucial terms (for example, what is “Salt” amongst other things?) and how to use significant features (MQTT, anyone?).

I’m get the impression I’m missing something obvious. Can someone help me please?