Doubting to buy a unit

Hi all,

I am lurking the forum for quite some time now, and I’m really doubting to buy a unit.

I have so many ideas for it, but as it is quiet an “investment”, I really want to know what is possible for my car to read out or send commands over OBD.

I currently have a Opel Astra K with buildyear 2016.

I don’t see anybody with that car (or even an Opel) on the forum, but I’m really curious if maybe someone has any experience with it.

I created an account for the demo environment, but cannot browse the library for commands somebody already found.

If anybody has any information, thanks in advance!

Have a nice day!

Hi @MrFreeze665

Welcome to the community.

Opel and the astra is very popular on our platform. Unfortunately, its not possible to browse the library without a device, but I’ve taken a quick screendump of some of the commands:

There is a total of 377 different codes across different years.


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