Does AutoPi work OK on Hyundai Kona Electric?

Just like to ask any Kona Electric owners if the AutoPi give all the following:
State of Charge / Battery %
State of Health SOH %
Battery Voltage and Current
Aux Battery Voltage

Are there any other readings it gives?

Are there any problems using the AutoPi on EV?



It works well, after implementing the right PIDs etc.
You can read several values (you need to check the library from the community) like inside/outside temperature, tires pressure, charging power etc.
I have it since a few months now and I didn’t noticed any particular problem using it on an EV.
You cannot send actually any commands like remotely activating the air heater/cooler, but many of us hope that this might be possible in the future, if someone finds the right commands to send.

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I’ve set it up on my Kona 2019, and it’s working great so far.

As you can see, I’ve set up a variety of different widgets with some information I need. I’ve also set it up with a shortcut on the Homescreen on my phone, so it’s always just a tap or two away.
I’ve also set up a telegram bot that sends charging information when it’s charging, like updates with SOC, heads up if the charging is interrupted and warning when the SOC gets under a certain threshold.
This is just what I’ve figured out the first month of having Autopi, and I’m sure more useful stuff will come up.
I’m hoping I’ll figure out a way to get information about whether or not the doors are locked and hopefully even send a prompt to lock them.

Very interesting, thanks for the info.

What about connecting the AutoPi, do you use extension cable?


@dgr999 I had already used a different OBD2 dongle earlier, so I’d detached the connection before even getting the Autopi. But yes, I’m using the extension chord, you get one included. I’ve put it so that the Autopi is just beneath the steering wheel, and the USB connectors on the dongle is lined up with the gap.
I’m guessing you’re curious as to if I’m able to close the pfuse box/obd panel. And yeah, if you detach the connector from it’s position you can, but even with the slim extension that comes with Autopi I don’t think you can without unclasping it. It’s luckily very easy and also easily reversible.

salut, est facile à paramétrer ?
comment faire ?
faut il le brancher à PC ?

j’hesite à acheté autopi pour mon KONA, car je ne veux pas quelque chose de compliqué à paramétrer

hi, is it easy to set up?
how to do ?
should you connect it to PC?

I hesitate to buy autopi for my KONA, because I do not want something complicated to configure

It’s not exactly plug and play, but I have absolutely no experience in programming or coding, and I was able to figure it out in a couple of weeks. The community here has lots of useful information and step by step guides for pretty much everything I’ve done, like finding PIDs, setting up loggers, setting up widgets and even some custom codes. I feel like there’s quite a few Kona 2018/19 owners here who makes lots of good stuff, and the rest of us benefit greatly from it.

Like I said, it’s a bit more complicated than I’m able to explain in a few short sentences, but it’s very much doable, and as far as I can see, it’s easily the best option if your car has no telemetry (Bluelink/Autolink).

You don’t NEED to use a computer, everything can be done from a browser on your phone, though some things are definitely easier with a computer (NOTE: I experienced issues trying to set up loggers using my phone, a workaround was to tick the box for desktop version, probably useful in other scenarios as well.)

I’m afraid it is a bit complicated to configure, but like I said, it’s doable with no past experience. Sure there’s a substantial learning curve, but the trade off is that the possibilities are, maybe not endless, but definitely plentiful.

Thank you ! :pray: merci de votre retour

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