Do I need a data plan to use AutoPi?

I’ve been looking at buying one of these for a while, but I really just want to use it offline. I couldn’t find any resources saying that it must be used online, but I also couldn’t find anything that said that it could be used offline.

Hello Kaeden,
We are looking forward to have you be part of Autopi :slight_smile:

Yes, absolutely, you are able to use the device without a SIM card, however you have to be aware that in order for the device to be useful, you’ll need to provide it in some way with a connection to the internet in order for it to be able to upload data. That can also be done through a local WiFi hotspot in some sort.

Another option is to let the device run without any internet connection for your trips. In the end, if the device gets an internet connection it will push all the data to the cloud even if the device has shutdown in between.

Awesome! Will I need a constant connection for services to run, or can I just load them on w/ an internet connection and then disconnect? (at least ones that don’t explicitly require cloud features)

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