Default Screen for the UI

When I load up the UI display on my car dash it goes to the dashboard with very large gauges that take up the whole screen.

I have to go to another screen and come back to the dashboard for it to go to the smaller dials that fit 8 or so on the screen. Next I have to change the time period to “5 mins” and then hit the play button.

Any way to make all this load without intervention?

Hi James

Regarding you having to switch page for the gauges to resize, that is definitely an error and we will fix that.
It’s not currently possible to define defaults, but I’m thinking that could be a nice addition.

Can you tell me what browser, device etc you are accessing the dashboard on?

Best regards

I’m using an RPI 3b+ hooked up to a 7 inch RPI screen (for whatever reason I wasn’t getting power to the screen from the dongle pi so I just went independent).

There I autostart a chromium kiosk mode browser pointed to

As long as we are on the subject of improvements…I also would suggest some work on the graphs.

  1. 2 axis graphs so I can save space for related metrics (i.e speed and rpm could be on the same graph)

  2. Custom y axis. This is particularly a problem with the gauges as it assumes everything goes up to 100 when things like battery voltage do not.

  3. Set time periods for each graph. Rather than a global 5 min, 15 min etc…each graph should be able to be customized to for a time period in the settings. There are certain things I like to see the long term on (love to have a line graph of my week of fuel usage)…but most stuff I just want to see the last 5 mins so that’s what I choose.

FYI, the new update fixed this issue

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