Deactivate Sleepmode

i would like to know, if it’s possible to deactivate the Sleepmode of the AutoPi?! Or even to set it to a larger amount of time… In my oppinion 30 minutes are too short. What’s the estimated battery consumption of the Pi per hour? Does it drain battery so fast, i need to let it sleep after 30 minutes?

Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany

BTW: Received my AutoPi last week and i don’t wanna miss it since then…

Hi Christian,

Good to hear you have received your AutoPi Dongle.

It is actually possible to disable the sleep timer(s) by running the following terminal command (on or

power.sleep_timer enable=false

But be aware that this will only deactivate existing sleep timer(s) - not disable sleep timers permenantly. To see active sleep timers at a given time run:


The sleep timer intervals are configurable behind the scene, but right now they cannot be changed through the user interface nor using terminal commands. We are planning to expand the configuration section in the UI and make it possible to change all the different parameters including sleep timer intervals.

The current sleep timer interval of 30 minutes is just a conservative default value to minimize battery consumption. It can be raised without creating problems, but it really depends on how often you drive your car, thus charging the battery.


Hi Henrik,
thank you for the quick reply.

Disabling an existing timer by running the terminal command was succesful and is a nice workaround for me. What about putting the command line

in a job for the AutoPi? Will it work? What does “returner” mean is this context?

Sorry for my newby questions…


Hi Christian,

It is not a solution that I would recommend, but I guess it will work as a temporary workaround. :wink:

The returner field can just be left empty, but it can be used to collect the output of the command. Here is a link to the SaltStack documentation regarding returners: