Dashboard (cloud) before and now (tutorials and reality)

Hi AutoPi.

Could you please post your experiences with dashboard which is at my.autopi.io?

My experience:
I ordered my AutoPi dongle after I saw tutorials tutorials on https://www.autopi.io/tutorials. There are shown videos about: 1 - The AutoPi.io Dashboard, 2 - The AutoPi.io Car Explorer, 3 - The AutoPi.io Beacon Reactor System, 4 - The AutoPi.io Customization Possibilities and 5 - AutoPi.io Implementation Example.

There is explanation about beacon reactor system, which seemed very natural, clear to understand and with great amount of different opportunities whit could be base on your AutoPi dongle. The reality? There is no clear and easy to understand beacon system as in the video.

There is also in tutorials an explanation about add-ons possibility “which could extend the usage of my AutoPi”. The reality? There is no addons at all.

And so on…

**Dear AutoPi team, **
**could you please provide us more explanation why you just changed the model of your business? Why there are not system modules in your cloud, which were shown are shown in your tutorials? **
Thank you.


Hi Richard

Triggers (beacons/reactors)
The triggers system, which is the old beacons/reactors, has been implemented to allow as much customization as possible, but we do recognize that we need to provide some more meaningful presets so that not everyone has to fully understand, say how to write the templates when sending slack notifications. Furthermore we have changes on our backlog that will allow integration with many more notification services, and also the first groundwork to support triggering based on all logged data instead of just events has been done.

For the first phase, we have been focussing on adding as much functionality to the platform as possible, so that people wanting to implement projects on the platform, is not met by limits, but instead different options to do things, even if they need to read up on template languages and python.

We also have a guide here that explains how to configure the triggers

We recently released an updated dashboard that allows you as a user to display custom values in the widgets, based on different aggregation methods.
And the next release will include an overhaul to the logging of data, and if everything goes according to plan, the car explorer library where people can create, share an log data using standard (and proprietary) PIDS. So within long, you can log custom data from proprietary PID’s like SoC etc, and display it aggregated on the dashboard.

The first release of the addons will be included in one of the next releases.

The feedback we receive from our users is extremely important, as we are a relatively small company, with limited resources, so getting things done the right way, the first time, is very important.

Like, in the case of notifications, what service would you like to integrate to?
What data do you want to include in the notification, etc.

We are continually working on improving the entire stack, from the core software on the device, up through the backend and frontend.

Best regards