Connect Arduino via USB and log the Serial output as new sensor

Hi there - I’ve had my AutoPi for a few weeks now and am finding it great!
I have an Arduino in my car which is monitoring a voltage-based sensor and outputs the sensor voltage via Serial communication. When I connect the Arduino to my laptop, I can see the Serial output on my screen.

How would I go about connecting the Arduino to the AutoPi (via USB), and having the AutoPi read its Serial output and log this to the cloud? (E.g. I would like to be able to access this sensor information via the AutoPi API).

I have had a look through Jobs/Services/Custom Code but I’m a bit confused about where to start!


I also want to use autopi to communicate to another usb microcontroller, I have a python libary

I cant test this atm, im hoping it will just work waiting for a new micro controller

@Malte Are you able to help point me in the right direction?

Hi, I‘m just looking for the same topic.
My autopi is in the mail, so I could not yet try anything.
But at home I have build up a sensor network with mysensors ( I’s a great Open source project, which let‘s you easily build up a sensors network with arduino raspberry etc. Also a hardwired and Wireless option is available.

As I haven‘t got the autopi yet, I couldn’t give it a try yet. But I’m curious if the implementation of mysensors into autopi will work.

@Fausti what would you like to do implement from your senses network ?