Configuration differences in Jobs

Hello everyone.

Can someone explain the configuration differences to me?

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Hey @Joaquim_Lopes!

Sorry for the late reply.

I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly, however I’m going to assume you’re asking about the settings that you have on the screenshot.

  • Cron Helper - In there, you can set up how often the job will be executed. The different tabs will allow you to easily setup different time periods, while the advanced tab will allow you to set it up by yourself using a cron expression
  • Enabled - Enables and disables the job, i.e. whether it’s going to be executing on the specified time period
  • Run on start - Asks the job to be run one time once the system has been booted up
  • Max running - Limits the amount of threads that are spawned for that particular job

You can also check the documentation that we have on jobs here.

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