Case for raspberry pi3


Hi Everyone, I propose you this casing for the AutoPi with Raspberry Pi3 Modification.
All the Raspberry Pi3 port are accessible.
The speaker and GPS antenna have a reserve place in the bottom.


Hi Reginald

Wow, that looks absolutely amazing! :smile:
We really appreciate you taking the time to build something like that

Have you tried printing one yet, to make sure the dimensions are right?
And also have you considered uploading it on thingiverse?

Huge thumbs up, and best regards


Hi, yes I have already printed it and the dimension is ok.
I need will upload some pictures this week.

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Hi Reginald

Have you considered hosting it on thingiverse? It’s a lot easier for people to find your work if it’s available there.

Alternatively we could host it in a git repository on github, but to take that route it would have to be posted with some kind of open source license, maybe one that restricts anyone from reselling it, but without being any kind of sure, i’d think it is the same for thingiverse.

And again, a huge thank you from all of us for making this! :sunny:

Best regards


Hi it’s now on Thingiverse

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