Can't disable protocol verification

Trying to query a PID using obd.query but I keep getting the following error:

error : >- No data received when trying to verify connectivity of protocol '<class 'can_obd_conn.ISO_15765_4_11bit_500k'>'

However, I know protocol 6 is correct, and I presumed verify=false (which should be default anyway) would avoid the error, but I get it regardless.

Any ideas?

Here is my query:

obd.query mode=22 pid=F400 header=7E0 protocol=6 verify=false force=true TEST

Hi @ardevd

It is difficult to directly verify your query and point out what could be wrong as it depends on your device and its configurations.

To test what could be causing the issues, you could try to look at the sections (Protocol autodetection flow, Finding configuration manually and OBD-II) in this guide:

Try to get it working with a simpler query and try the protocols mentioned under “Finding configuration manually” to make sure that it works with the standard, such that you can troubleshoot which part of the query is the problem

Remember to have the car running when trying to query data, otherwise you will not get an output.


Thanks. I managed to resolve the issue :slight_smile:

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