CAN 2.0A - Saab 9-5 3.0t v6 My99


I would love to connect AutoPI into my old Saab 9-5 from 1999.
It has:

CAN 2.0A (11-bit identifiers)
Bus speed 47,619 kbit/s
Timing register settings BTR0 0xCB, BTR1 0x9A

as reverse engineered on:

I was able to connect to it CAN Arduino-based boards. It was all about connecting with the right speed, which is not a standard nowadays.

Is that possible to change speed of bus communication in AutoPI so that I can talk to Saab also?

Thanks in advance for followup.


Hi @pawelmanu

Interesting project, seems like something that is doable with the AutoPi.

As of now you cannot change the bus speed of the CAN bus from the cloud. You can see the current speed and protocol using this command (this is auto detected):


The chip does support changing speeds, and we are working on making it changeable from the cloud. This will all be part of a major release on how to communicate with the CAN bus. I think this will be available after the summer holidays.


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Good to know, because I want to sell my newer Saab and keep just the older one. And then fun would finish too quick … Looking forward for “autumn” release!

Any news for a new feature or workaround for adapting to my custom OBD frequency … :slight_smile: ?

Hi @pawelmanu

We are indeed working on this right now. I think it will be another month or so, until its ready. Its being released with a larger update of the entire interface towards the car, where a lot of new features is going to be availabel.

Hope you can wait a little longer.


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You can follow the development here if you are interested. You can even join the development if you have ideas or proposals:

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