Bluetooth Personal Keyless Entry

I have a gen2 AutoPI and limited programming skills, can this be a new project and how do i start. I have a Mini one where i would like to get this on.

Any thought… if this is posable ?

To my knowledge there is no off the shelf solution, so you will have to at least piece together someone else’s code if not make your own. I would start with something like this project. You will also have to figure out the unlock message for your vehicle. I’ve done this with an Android app, a different remote control device, and my specific vehicle - so on the surface it’s definitely possible.

Basic premise is you’d pair your target bluetooth device(s) with the Pi, determine some minimum connection strength, then fire off the appropriate CAN message to unlock the vehicle. You could also reverse the logic to relock it. In my experience you want a dead zone that neither locks or unlocks to prevent constant ping pong back and fourth.

Another thing to consider is the AutoPi power management. This approach requires the AutoPi to always be awake at some level which could be bad for your battery depending on driving habits.

Yep, I didn’t think about all of that. And I think you are right. Probably not a project for me yet…

Thanks for you remarks, and help in that matter.