Battery drain and car not starting

after 3 weeks of autopi usage and car daily use (15-25 km per day) my car battery died, and the only reason (i guess) is that the autopi was connected to it since i never use radio, lights or other electric things while the engine is off

My car has only 1 year of life so it’s impossible that it’s already old, on my last car I changed car battery after 3/4 years

Can you investigate that? did the autopi ruin my battery?

I hope i’ve not wasted money on a device that justs ruin batteries…


Hi Fabio,

I’m really sorry to hear that your battery ran out of power.

The AutoPi Dongle has a safety cut off mechanism that prevents it from draining the car’s battery. When voltage drops below 12.2 volts for longer than 5 minutes it will power off completely. 12.2 volts correspond to a charge state of 60% which under normal circumstances is more than enough to start the car. With hundreds of devices on the road we have not seen this fail.

Of course, we would like to help investigate why your car’s battery has run out of power. Please send an e-mail to with your device ID and we will investigate the cause.


OK henrik i’ll send an email to the support to understand if the problem was caused by the autopi

Thank you