AutoPi unit is dead!

Subject of the issue

When I plug the AutoPi into the OBD…nothing happens? no green led shows and no data on site. Unit is not working?? It was working fine but last week it stopped and now nothing!! I am gutted.

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  • What version is the dongle? (Find on software state page on

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  • Do not write your unit-id anywhere.

Hello @Saint

Can you please reach out to us to with this issue? This will help us to debug the issue more easily.

Have you tried to re-flash your device following this guide?

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I have reflashed and waiting for re-acceptance to the cloud… BUT it is now showing the green LED and some life!!

Hello Saint.

I’m very happy to hear that your device is working again!
It is now possible to accept your key after you’ve reflashed your device. It needs to be online first, after which you can visit, go to the settings and select the devices tab. Under general settings for your devices you’re able to accept the key.

Best regards

The unit is working and I can access it Locally, but I still have no data on the cloud?? I did the accept key thing and it says its accepted, but not data in the cloud?? APN is working as I can browse the web.


This seems like an issue that needs to be escalated to our support platform. You can write to where we will be able to further help you with this problem.


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