AutoPi to InfluxDB metrics

Has anyone created an AutoPi to influxDB connector / script to run locally on the AutoPi?

Some nice graphs using Grafana and influxdb can be a good way to notice any performance issues over time. Like fuel efficiency, battery voltage and displaying the current location of vehicles all in the one Grafana dashboard

I’m currently building something like this now although using graphite as a backend instead of InfluxDB. I have my Raspberry Pi connected via OpenVPN to a network, and collectd logging system metrics. I have also added some workflows to the built in services to grab the data.

Due to the unstable OpenVPN / Cellular link, I am currently trying to use RabbitMQ on both ends (#over-engineering), to collect the metrics, and then shovel it over to the server, and then dequeue them there and log into graphite.

I’m currently dealing with the low memory limits on the Raspberry Pi and RabbitMQ dying. I might upgrade the device to a Raspberry Pi 4, or try something else.

A great project!

I’m now starting to think about pulling data via the cloud api into a virtual machine which then posts the metric into graphite or influx. Thus relying on how autopi and how they have their data queued from the Pi.

I can deal without system metrics being posted reliably (something like telegraf, just missing the odd metric here and there when there’s no cellular connection)

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