Autopi Telematics - lackig can sniffer, trouble codes & addons menus

Subject of the issue

It seems that my Autopi Telematics units cloud is missing menus for CAN analyzer, Trouble codes,
Addons. Thus, functionality is severely reduced …

Your environment

Autopi telematics unit, SW version 2020.10.05

Steps to reproduce

Tell us how to reproduce this issue.

Expected behaviour

Addons, CAN Analyzer + Trouble codes menus present as shown in

Actual behaviour

Addons, CAN Analyzer + Trouble codes menus missing

Look at this link

Thank you! Worked!

However, addons menu is still missing, while now CAN analyzer and Trouble codes are present. However, having the direct link should be good for now :slight_smile:

Thanx once more … and merry christmas :slight_smile:

Hi, the Add-ons button will be visible to all users in the next release.

is it possible that the fact that addon installation for CAN analyser is necessary, is not mentioned neither in the Ford unlock blog post and neither in the YouTube video?

Well I am glad, I found it here. Thank you a lot!

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