AutoPi on my SsangYong Musso

Hey all. I am in the process of getting AutoPi talking to my 2019 Ssangyong Musso. They are not a well known car, and I thought I would be the first (probably) to integrate an AutoPi telematics system into a Ssangyong. So far I have got OBD2, 4G, GPS tracking working, but controlling car items using the CAN bus is a work in progress. OBD2 communication is standard EuroOBD.

My discoveries and research so far is that the OBD2 connector has access to THREE can buses. The service manual for a Ssangyong Rexton G4 has been a big help. I am able to talk to M-CAN and P-CAN so far.

  1. High speed CAN (P-CAN). (ISO15765-4 Pins 6 and 14 - 500khz, 11 bit)
  2. Medium speed CAN (M-CAN) which is for the stereo.(ISO15765 Pins 3 and 11 - 100khz, 11 bit DLC8).
  3. Medium speed CAN (B-CAN) for interECU communication.(ISO15765 Pins 1 and 10 - 100khz, 11 bit DLC8).

I am getting a cable made so the AutoPi can access the B-CAN instead of the M-CAN, so after that, I will be able to control door locks and windows etc.

Will keep you updated!