AutoPi for Passenger Bus and Trucks : PoC


Hi Everyone,

I am looking to execute a Proof of Concept using AutoPi Dongle for Buses and Truck Health Diagnostics.

I am just wondering, if AutoPi is capable enough to be used for commercial vehicle diagnostics & fault monitoring.


Hi Sachin

AFAIK trucks usually have around 24volts in their diagnostics port, so right off the bat it would probably not work.
The device should actually be able to handle 24 volts, but when charging, the battery would probably be more like 27-28 volts, and that is most likely too much. And the diagnostics plug may not be a OBD2 plug, but you may very well know more about that than I do.

Regarding fault monitoring, it all depends on if the fault codes are part of the OBD standard or not, anyhow the device will only get better as the library is growing.

Feel free to send an email with more specifics about your project.



Thanks for the reply Malte.

Do you think it is possible with some kind of voltage converters, that can do the job of converting 24v to 12v?


Hi Sachin

Yes, that shouldn’t be any problem.
Just make sure to verify the voltage before connecting the device.

/ Malte