Autopi 4G/LTE for Sale

I have bought a Autopi 4G/LTE at the end of June 2020.
I only did some tests with it. Unfortunatly, it’s doesn’t fullfill my needs. I sell it 150Eur (new price 225Eur).
If you are interested reply to this message with your phone number or email, or send an email with the date of the post to Autopi.

is the Autopi still available?
and is it this one:

Kind Regards

Yes it’s this model and it’s available. Let me know how to contact you if you are interested.

Okay perfect, here is my E-Mail address for further communication:
from where would you ship?

To precise my previous post, I am shipping the autopi from France.

Okay, i would like to buy it, please contact me at: so that we can arange the details