Automatic Driving Journal


I wonder if it is possible to read the ODO meter from the car via the ODB II interface? Should it be possible to create a Journal over the trips that could be exported or sent by e-mail once a week or so, with time and GPS coordinates together with the ODO meter value (km)? That Would be useful for reporting and logging of separate drives.




Bad news and then some good news :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it is not something that can be retrieved via the OBDII PID’s, you’d instead need to retrieve it via the CAN-BUS. So currently we don’t support it, but we agree that it would open up some possibilities, so it is something we have on our roadmap.

This is one of the features, where the users will be able to contribute to the development, as it may be/probably is different for each car how to read the values. This can be done via CAN-sniffing, where you record CAN traffic on your car, and then it can be used to figure out where to find the values that you need.

More info about this will be published in the near future.


Any update on this? I also would like to pull odometer data from my autopi units.


Hi Nathan

Not yet unfortunately - We are still working on the CAN sniffing part, but it is not ready for release yet.
Is this also for reporting?

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I previously had 4 units and tied them into openhab and odometer was one of the things I liked to track.

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