Auto-Shutdown happening with good voltage

Subject of the issue

What causes the autopi to shut down that’s not in the salt stack stuff. Say I kill the salt-minion… why would the autopi shut down after 30 minnutes? It has 13.2V… This happens whether or not the salt-minion is on or not. I’ve tried setting my timeouts to be large but it still shuts down.

Your environment


Steps to reproduce

Plug in autopi to a battery using the OBD pins (16 and 4).
Wait 30m.

Expected behaviour

I would expect that if I killed the minion that none of the shutdown stuff would get triggered and the thing would continue to run.

Actual behaviour

It shuts down. I can’t find anything in either journalctl or /var/logs/salt/minion indicating why it’s shutting down.

Output of power.status command

If your issue is in any way related to the device shutting down or behaving in a unexpected way, please provide the output of the power.status command to help us diagnose the issue.

Run the command


in the terminal on, and paste the result here.

days: 0
seconds: 524
since_iso: ‘2019-07-15T23:27:01.698419’
since_t: 1563233221
time: 0:8
users: 1
down: none
up: ‘on’
down: none
up: spm
port_a: ‘10100111’
port_b: ‘00000111’
sleep_interval: 0
level: 100
state: charging_slow
voltage: 13.2
sleep: NONE
wake: NONE
ext_wake: ’ HIGH FOR 2000 ms’
uart_sleep: ’ 900 s’
uart_wake: ’ 0-30000 us’
vchg_wake: ’ +0.20V IN 1000 ms’
vl_sleep: ’ <12.00V FOR 240 s’

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Hi @esnk,

Welcome to the community.

This is in fact intended behavior you are describing.

The AutoPi contains a power save feature, to make the system recover if the OS on the device fails or get stuck. The Minion service oversees sending a heartbeat to an underlying system (SPM or Smart Power Manager). If the minion service does not do that, the device will eventually reboot itself in an attempt to recover the OS.

This function is responsible for maintaining the heartbeat:

So, the behavior you see is correct.



Makes sense! I figured it had to be a hardware-based watchdog type thing that keeps needing to be petted/kicked. Thank you for the quick reply.

Do you have any documentation on how the SMS wake up works? If this timer heartbeat isn’t hit, does the device power cycle or does it shut down? If it shuts down and I send an SMS should it wake up?