Alternate in-car power

I’m interested in a way to keep the AutoPi (And the onboard raspberry pi) powered on for several hours after the car is parked. I am already running a bunch of other electronics in the car and have a secondary 12V lithium battery and charger already setup in my car. Is there a straightforward way to use this instead of the car’s battery with my AutoPi?

If it helps, I am getting the DIY edition. I already have a EC25 LTE module and a Raspberry Pi Zero W on hand that I plan to use. In the past I had also installed GPS and LTE antennas in my car (for a tracker I had built myself) so I’m all set to just plug in the DIY edition.

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Could you use a NO/NC relay?
Second (a bit worse) idea is just a bit bigger diode. You would get a 0,7 V voltage drop because of it but the Pi would be powered by it with no problems (just use a few W diode).
I just woke up so at the moment I think these could be useful ideas. Might have missed something though :smiley:

I’m sure I can rig something up. Was asking in case there is already an option on the DIY board to connect power directly and not depend on car battery. I guess once I get the board i’ll know more and could setup my own power switching circuit.