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I started using the autopi for a few days now. first question my wife asked me. Can I also access the dashboard?
It would be great if autopi could offer an easy form of RBAC so my wife can check my system with read-only rights. Maybe elevated rights for daily management control and Superuser role for owner/ debugging/ troubleshooting purposes.

Just a brainteaser :wink:


Hi Pravin

We actually already (almost) have that feature, but at the moment the users have equal rights.
So if your wife creates a user, and then sends us an email at with the email she used, and the unit id of the device, we can connect the two :slight_smile:

The part about needing to email us to connect the user to the device is also going away soon.
It will be available for the owner of the device to add additional users - which will probably also be where you set which rights a specific user has.

Best regards

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Thanks again for your quick response. I prefer waiting for the option to self create users.
Also, is there a way to run the autopi solution in a on-premise closed environment? Or plans to host this in the near future?


Hi Pravin

No not currently.

But itโ€™s possible to configure which rest endpoint it should send data to, so that is not entirely closed environment, but that way you can manipulate the data any way you want. But unfortunately, a lot of the functionality stops working if there is no data for it to work with.

But implementing the rest endpoint yourself also means that you will have to implement the storage of the data, so while the rest endpoint is not too advanced, it will require you to also implement the other parts of the system.

Our management system is build on saltstack, and is in theory possible to setup yourself from scratch, but itโ€™s not something we support. We may offer a self-hosted solution in the future, but it will most definitely be a for-business option, ie. paid.

We have some things on our roadmap that will make it more accessible to developers and hobbyists, though, but there is not yet any timeline for it.

Best regards