Add a public FREE Wi-Fi without password

Hello! in my region we have a large area public wifi network without a password. my autopi does not allow me to log in, because he wants a password of at least 8 characters.
would it be possible to add the possibility of connecting to a free Wi-Fi?

The assistance suggested me to use this guide:

Setting WiFi up via the command line

This method is suitable if you don’t have access to the graphical user interface normally used to set up WiFi on the Raspberry Pi. It is particularly suitable for use with a serial console cable if you don’t have access to a screen or wired Ethernet network. Note also that no additional software is required; everything you need is already included on the Raspberry Pi.

Using raspi-config

The quickest way to enable wireless networking is to use the command line raspi-config tool.

sudo raspi-config

Select the Network Options item from the menu, then the Wi-fi option. On a fresh install, for regulatory purposes, you will need to specify the country in which the device is being used. Then set the SSID of the network, and the passphrase for the network. If you do not know the SSID of the network you want to connect to, see the next section on how to list available networks prior to running raspi-config.

Note that raspi-config does not provide a complete set of options for setting up wireless networking; you may need to refer to the extra sections below for more details if raspi-config fails to connect the Pi to your requested network.


Unsecured networks

If the network you are connecting to does not use a password, the wpa_supplicant entry for the network will need to include the correct key_mgmt entry. e.g.


now, my beginner question is:
Should I use the autopi terminal for these command lines?
Or how can I access the rbp terminal below autoPi?

I believe that I will have to connect in wi-fi to the autopi network and follow this procedure:

Logging in to the device

Password: yourPWD

Connect to SSH at AutoPi:

User: pi
Password: autopi2018

and only then follow the guide indicated, right?


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