2002 Buick Century Unsupported PIDs

Subject of the issue

Cannot use PIDs, everything is unsupported. When using ObdLink MX+ Pro /w DashCommand, many PIDs are available, most notably the fuel level, and efficiency PIDs which im interested in. Dash command even works with generic ELM device too.

Your environment


Hi Biatu,

Sorry you’re having issues with the AutoPi. Could you please clarify what you mean by “unsupported” and what is it exactly you are trying to do? Do you see no data in cloud or is it something else?

One problem could be that a wrong protocol is selected. There’s 2 commands I’d like you to try:

$ obd.commands
$ obd.send "7DF#0100" autoformat=true expect_response=true protocol=6|7 

The first will try to query for available PIDs and do some auto-detection for you. If that doesn’t work, try the second one, which will query for the same data, but where you see [ 6 | 7 ], you can select which protocol you want, so in the actual query write protocol=6. If that doesn’t work, try 7.

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