2001 Gillig Low Floor - Cummins 8.3 - Voith Transmission

Subject of the issue

Dongle not reading CAN bus data.

Your environment

  • What version is the dongle? (Find on software state page on my.autopi.io)
    AutoPi TMU CM4
    Board Version: 7.0
    Software Version: 1.24.2

Steps to reproduce

Device is plugged in.
Cloud seems to recognize its online.
Car Explorer → CAN Analyzer → Sniffer
Tried every single Protocol

Emphases on Protocols:
[41] J1939 (11bit, 250kkbps)
[41] J1939 (11bit, 500kkbps)
[42] J1939 (29bit, 250kkbps)
[42] J1939 (29bit, 500kkbps)

Expected behaviour

System is supposed to bring data back from the CAN bus.

Actual behaviour

Several errors and NO data on the Output.

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