Wifi hotspot and local dashboard on autoPi


will autoPi be able to share its 4G internet connection with other device ?
will there be a local dashboard on autoPi ?


Hi Craig

Yes, the device will allow other devices to connect, so you can have your ipads etc connected to it.
And yes, it will allow the user to show a live dashboard through a web interface, but… this is not included in the first version unfortunately.

But! - it’s on our roadmap, and we are already working on it, so if you have any ideas requests feedback etc, feel free to create a topic with your thoughts about the live dashboard feature, like how you would like to use it etc.

But also, remember that the raspberry pi has HDMI output, so if you want to connect a screen, and display your own custom UI, you can.

Hi Malte

Any Update on the Local Dashboard?
My ultimate goal was to have the AutoPi be a Local Webserver which I can access from a Tablet, which would then give me a realtime Dashboard of the various Vehicle Parameters.

I had kind of expected this by now :confused:

Is there any way I can assist to accelerate the development of such a local dashboard?

Kind regards