Widgets on the Dashboard

Curious to know if you have the ability to add widgets on the dashboard for apps? Similar to adding a widget on the Android platform, I was hoping to have a Spotify Widget that will allow me to play music directly on the dashboard. I ask as I have eliminated my stereo head unit and connect my phone to my stereo through my Bluetooth amplifier. I’d like to connect my autopi to my amplifier instead of my phone and control the spotify music from the dashboard as well as receive audio alerts and such, that would be ideal.

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Hi Dave

Not yet, unfortunately, but it’s something we want users to be able to do.
We have not quite decided how it should work yet, but it’s on our roadmap.

So if you have any input to how you’d like it to work, feel free to describe it in more detail.

/ Malte

I’d like to add it like I’ll add any of the other widgets, pick it from a list. Or maybe have the ability to support a web browser as a widget so I could log in with that.

I have searched online and found that it can be done with Spotify Connect. https://eltechs.com/spotify-connect-raspberry-pi/

Maybe this will help??