Wi-fi network is no longer visible and no communications with autopi.io Cloud

Subject of the issue

good morning, since a few days my dongle is not working. Apparently, it had problems with the last update.
The wi-fi network is no longer visible. Dongle’s light is green.
I tried to turn off the power but nothing happens. I also tried to wake it up via Telegram but nothing happened.
Is there a possibility to do a reset/restart?
Many thanks

Your environment

  • What version is the dongle? (Find on software state page on my.autopi.io)
    4G version 2nd generation. last update: 2019.10.10

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Output of power.status command

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in the terminal on local.autopi.io, and paste the result here.
I Cannot access local.autopi.io

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I’m have the same problem. from console munin and httpd don’t wonna start

Hi @Piotr_Baran,

I dont know if this is still bugging you, but if you have not found a solution, please try to reach out to support@autopi.io.

They’ll assist you with this.