Why Local Touch Screen Dashboard add-on is not available?

I installed a nine-inch monitor and connected it to the dongle, I would like to activate this function:

But in my interface there is no trace of this Local Touch Screen Dashboard add-on, why?
I basically bought AutoPi to do this! :wink:

Hi , have you got an answer?

Did you ever get a reply? From reading I think it is referring to making a connection to the local website, is that the trick perhaps?

Hi, I don’t have any answers.

And do you still have the AutoPi?

I don’t use it all the feature annonce during the crowndfunding campagne are missing.

Understand, it really answers a different question BUT

This would be quite a fun project - two core components I would think

Data from the PI
UX on screen / tablet.

the data from the PI is essentially solved (data currently flows to the cloud, just need to add a returner which publishes locally)

The UX - solvable problem - just work. Honestly, I would be tempted to do the UX in an existing tablet (Android / Apple ) and do the dev in something like flutter

tempted to explore this as a post quarantine celebration project

I agree with you i start to make a gui with chromium, and use the local data, but it’s to hard for me.

Hi All,

In one of the latest releases, we’ve added support for ELM327 proxy. With this you can use 3rd party apps, such as Torque Pro and Carscanner. This will you an almost real-time local UI. To enable it just go to your settings and then OBD. See here:

We are working on a step-by-step guide for this.


Hi Peter, I install on my car an Android Head Unit with an ELM327.
I don’t need AutoPi for that.
When you launch the campagne for fund you promise us a lot off add like Dashboard, road sign recognition,…
And we have nothing’s.
The official communication give us a tuto for a “Fuly customizable dashboard” in 2017 and said install the addon Local Touch Screen Dashboard".
Where is this addon? nowhere because you never do what you said.


thanks for the ELM327 proxy suggestion. As I understand ELM327 proxy is essentially a serial connection protocol (with a number of apps supporting it), so I could develop an interface based on that ? alternatively I would like to explore adding a returner that publishes to a local mqtt bus, this would make app development pretty trivial . Is this sensible or at least feasible ?

Hi @Chris_Neave,

The ELM327 proxy is indeed a serial connection directly to the chip on the board and you can develop an interface utilizing this, just like other apps have done. Perhaps there is already something open source.

The MQTT idea also works. We do have something regarding MQTT on the roadmap, but it will be a little while until its ready. For now you can definatly create your own implementation.


Hi @Regi54,

See this guide on how to install a local Fully customizable dashboard:

It does require a bit of work on your side, but this is how you do it.



thanks - the ELM327 proxy idea is appealing, my hesitation is mostly around learning curve and extensibility for other projects I have in mind, not ruling it out however will look at the mqtt path as well.

I am still struggling a bit in getting my head around the local architecture particularly with returners however I was thinking for the mqtt path of simply creating a mqtt returner, that runs in parallel with the cloud returner and simply publishes messages it receives to the bus. It seems to be pretty low impact (in terms of development and learning curve) and would provide the essentials of what I need. Does the mqtt returner idea work or is it more complex than that ?

for the UX I am going to use a low cost Android tablet and will probably do the app development in flutter

I am going to build the UX using flutter IOS, Android, Web and will use the SyncFusion package for UX widgets.

An example of the selection can be found https://www.syncfusion.com/flutter-widgets/flutter-radial-gauge

Anyone interested in suggesting the types of widgets you would like to see ?