Which Touch Screen?

Hi folks,
Hav Emy 3rd edition on order and I want ti include a screen with it. Got the perfect mounting place for both AutoPi and screen in the car. My question what screen do I need? The RaspberryPi Official one looks good (https://thepihut.com/products/official-raspberry-pi-7-touchscreen-display), but connections via a ribbon cable, rather than HDMI. Is it possible to use this with the AutoPi, presumably by amending the case, or is there a better touch screen option?



I’ve just got my 3rd Gen device and the way it’s implemented leaves no way to power the RPi touch screen. The latter needs a 5v supply and there’s no way to get this from the AutoPi device because it only has a one-sided GPIO connector.

It’s a great shame, and has pretty much scuppered my project.

That’s a real shame. I guess it would be feasible to use a USB supply to get 5v, though seems irritating when the Pi must have a 5v supply!

I’ve bodged it by soldering directly to the pins.