When will Car Explorer and Widgets be available



When will the Car Explorer, Diagnostics, Automation, Widgets, etc be available in my.autopi.io ?
I would like to use the Car Explorer feature described in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ympb4u7SP2o
but the options are grayed out in the portal. Any timelines on when they will become available?


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What can I build? Use Case

Hi Mikael

I unfortunately don’t have a timeline, but i can tell you that we are actively working on the car explorer features, diagnostics and automation.

Do you have any specific projects in mind?

Best regards
/ Malte


Hi Malte,

Nothing big, im interested in getting some more measurement points out of the car as a start.

I am also currently adding a touchscreen to the car as illustrated in your blog, when that is working I will try to add some more sensors like a RuuviTag for temp/humidity and secondary GPS as I have a few at home already (from https://ruuvi.com/) and also try to figure out if I can route the AutoPi Bluetooth connection to the cars current hands-free system so I can have most content running through AutoPi where I can control and read logs and maybe in the future add apps (spotify, etc) .
Then lastly I would like to add some cameras for the rear-view and and also front for traffic monitoring/logging.

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Hi Mikael

That sounds really cool!
Remember that you can use a RPI 3 instead of the zero if you reach a point where processing power gets sparse.

You are welcome to post about your project in the projects topic if you’d like. Im sure we, and the other users would find it interesting :slight_smile:

Best regards
/ Malte


Can I add my question to this one? I don’t want to hijack it, but it seems my question is related.

I received my dongle a few weeks ago, and decided to activate it today. I went through get-started steps and managed to connect (4G) the dongle without problems. In my autopi account I’ve upgraded the dongle to the latest version. My autopi dashboard shows a lot of widgets, but most of them have no data. Only the position is shown and the RPI temperature. Is this normal or did I miss something? At this point I can only use the dashboard to track the current position (trips is empty) and to see the current rpi temperature. I hope it’s not a limitation/compatibility issue with my car.

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Nevermind, data started showing up after a longer trip. Only Fuel Rate is not showing up, maybe that’s not supported with my car.


Hi Luka

You are probably correct about your car not supporting that PID.
One of the (many) things on our roadmap, is for the device to be able to use different ways to retrieve the same information from the car, depending on the car make and model.
So while it may not work at the moment for your specific car, we hope to find alternative ways to get the data, and thus the “coverage” should improve.

Best regards


I saw the video before I bought this unit, and now I find the widgets are not available yet, a bit disappointing that you don’t even have a timeline for this. And it appears that live view is not working either ? It seems a lot of things advertised in your video are not available at this time. I just hope you don’t turn around and start charging for MyAuto cloud.


Hi Perry,

We do continiously software releases on a bi-weekly basis and it wont be long until we open up for the remaining features in the Cloud.

We have no plans on charging anything for the AutoPi Cloud for personal use. This is part of our strategy to offer an open and free platform for you to do your development on. We will continue to do so.


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Hi Peter,
Thanks for your response, I realise now that the AutoPi is more of a developer tool, rather than suited as a final consumer product. On the plus looks like lots of opportunities coming ahead, yes, I am only using for personal use…but on the otherhand I did expect everything to be completed and useable day 1.
Understand now, great concept…looking forward to see what gets developed next.