What's the best way to start a python script on boot

I tried to use crontab for it, but it doesn’t work. Also tried it with the rc.local file, didn’t work either.
If anyone knows a solution, I would be grateful.

Hi @radiokonntas,

Have you seen this guide?

Alternatively, take a look at the jobs section under the advanced settings.


Hi @Peter,
thanks for the response, although I was looking for something that is based on the os not your website panel. Since I want to run a script on different cars it would be a huge task to configure all of them manually through the web. It would be much easier to just write a script, that edits the files to my liking.

Is there any solution that you might know of which is based on “os-level”. I don’ t really get why crontab isn’t working so if there is a different way, I would appreciate it.

Maybe see this post:

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