Whats everyone doing with their AutoPi

As a general and broad question to the community - what’s everyone doing with their AutoPi

I’ve been running mine for a couple of weeks now and finding limited use for it, I can monitor RPM and engineer temp, track the routes I take but at the moment that seems to be about it.

The OBD port in my vehicle does not expose anything except for the diagnostics information which doesn’t allow for much automation.

Visiting the community regularly there doesn’t appear to be a lot of activity either it’s very quiet. The last blog post was from Sept 2018, would be good to hear some more from the developers on future directions etc.

Im aware of the exciting possibilities and believe the work is being done on developing the software, updates and progress would be good to hear about.

Would really love to hear about people real life experiences with some real examples, I was sold on the “What can I build” examples, that don’t appear to be valid for everyone.

Is there anything the the developers need from us, I for one would be happy to provide data from my AutoPi back to the development team if the will help with development.

Personally I’d like to see:

  • some sort of database of cars and how much integration they have out of the box, then people can share what they have found.

  • Integrations in to home automation solutions (HomeAssistant, SmartThings, Amazon Echo, Google Home)

  • More feedback from the developers on where they are heading and whats coming (from what I can tell there appears to only be a couple of full time developers which is fine but helps explain the speed at which features can be developed.

So, whats everyone doing with their AutoPi?

(ps. Please don’t take this as a dig at the AutoPi team, I love the concept and the ultimate potential, I just hope its not before it’s time, please keep up the excellent work)


For now, nothing because i have EV car and autopi can’t manage it yet.
We wait update will be come soon i think.


About the same here. I can’t even monitor my trips yet though as EVs don’t keep AutoPi up for too long.
I’m placing my bets on the team to be able to do something because Hyundai doesn’t give any connectivity to their EVs. Seeing when you car is charged to say 80% is extremely useful so you don’t take up space while charging and move when you’re “done” (so others can charge).
It would also make tons of options for automations :slight_smile:


I’m waiting for EV support. When we have that i place my ambition is to publish battery and charging status at every wakeup event or when requested. A bonus would be to be able to start preheating of the car.


Same here , Waiting for EV update.
But i use hotspot from Autopi to my car when it not shutting down :slight_smile: