What is this link for?

What is the “Force 5V” link for?

Hi Gareth.

This is a GPIO pin that will force 5V to the Raspberry Pi. This will also prevent it from going to sleep or hibernation. Here’s also a link to a community guide that shows all available connections (on an older board, however many of them still apply).


Perfect. Just what I’ve been look for whilst testing on the bench.


Tieing these two pins together makes no difference. The Pi still keeps going to sleep.
It’s impossible to do anything on the bench right now. The PSU voltage is 13.6V.

Which pins are you putting the jumper on? Make sure its the black connector marked Force 5V and not the white maked Speaker


The jumper is on the the two bare pins: not the speaker.

What jumper are you using?

This should make the device stay up all the time. Alternatively, you can check the eventlogs. It will tell you the reason the device powered down. You can also see it from this command:



I’m using piece of copper wire, wound around the pins: I don’t have a jumper that small. I have checked that the resistance between the two pins is zero using a multimeter.

To be able to check event logs, I need to be able to connect. Unless I literally sit there looking at the red and green LEDs on the pi, there’s no way of telling if it is awake or not. Typically, I check, see it’s up, connect to the WiFi, start to do something — and it goes to sleep on me.

The device doesn’t stay awake long enough to implement the changes I’ve made in the cloud dashboard. They’ve been queued for over a day now.

EDIT: Just tried

AutoPi.io Cloud Terminal - Use with caution. Type 'help' for help. 
Use 'ctrl+r' for reverse-i-search. Use 'ctrl+c' to cancel a request.
local user@Local device $ power.status
error: Expected ack '12' but got '255'
local user@Local device $