What causes failed state changes?

Subject of the issue

I had issues before where I could not update my software due to failed state-changes. I forgot how, but I cleared those up about 4-6 weeks ago and ultimately got my dongle updated. I even successfully added the LTE modem and got GPS working. I’m noticing that I tried to change the following settings, but they are failing to update (seems nothing will update now.)

My device is online, and saves the setting in the cloud, but never syncs to the device. Shows pending, and failed state change attempt appears in a banner after about 3-5 minutes.

Somehow I was able to update the critical/shutdown voltages earlier today, without issue, but not these other changes.

Your environment

DIY dongle, RPI 3b+, running OS 2020.05.27

Steps to reproduce

Attempting to change any core setting via the cloud portal.

Expected behaviour

I would expect the change to sync to the device soon after the cloud side is updated.

Actual behaviour

Change/state not applied. Error displayed. Pending tab/list continues to grow.

Output of power.status command

root@autopi-z06:~# autopi power.status
days: 0
seconds: 27821
since_iso: ‘2020-07-26T21:23:13.916265’
since_t: 1595798593
time: ‘7:43’
users: 1
down: none
up: ‘on’
down: none
up: spm
port_a: ‘10100111’
port_b: ‘00000111’
sleep_interval: 0
level: 90
state: critical_level
voltage: 12.5
sleep: NONE
wake: NONE
ext_wake: ’ HIGH FOR 2000 ms’
uart_sleep: ’ 900 s’
uart_wake: ’ 0-30000 us’
vchg_wake: ’ +1.00V IN 250 ms’
vl_sleep: ’ <12.10V FOR 496 s’
vl_wake: ’ >13.00V FOR 3 s’

Hi @scrampker.

Could you please take a look at Advanced > Change History and open up one of the failed changes there. From the pop-out window, click on the Failed changes and take a look at the error messages there. They might give us a hint on what’s going on.


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