What can I build? Use Case


How do you access add ons or widgets? I don’t see these buttons on my.autopi.io dashboard.


The features are not yet available


This is strange, and why this is not available?
The website shows all these videos and includes information about available add-ons. There is even option to share use cases that have 16 shares which I assume is available for some users.


The web info is what I assume depicting an older version of the initial AutoPi options, the current one does not have the features available yet. What you can do is take available projects code from GitHub and manually import them on your device (for the available add-ons that are updated to the current version or build your own).
I would say that current AutoPi version is still in “Beta stage”, so it currently requires the users to be more tester and developer minded, looking at your comments in different sections of the Community you are filling the current expected role of an early adopter :slight_smile:
But this is my view and should not be taken as gospel :slight_smile:


I am somehow disappointed to hear that an older version is not available and the new version does not include these options. I was under impression that this is real. I think autopi team should consider including some details on Use Case page and explain clearly that these options are not available yet.


Here is my previous topic regarding similar questions that you have:

It might give you some answer. I do agree with your comments as I also started out with the assumptions that the features presented in the Kickstarter campaign would be available already when the portal was opened for end-users. But I also work as a developer so I understand the current status and “re-work” of the previous AutoPi and current version.


Mikael, it looks like your question was posted 4 months ago. I personally haven’t looked at Kickstarter and purchased the device directly from the website a few weeks ago, because of what I saw on the website. Hopefully autopi team will deliver something soon xx