What are the benefits of using Raspberry Pi 3 Adapter

I am still in research mode to design what my system will look like. What are the benefits to using the Raspberry Pi 3 Adapter? Does that mean I could potentially run a separate webserver and display off of it running aside autopi?

Reason for my asking: I currently use a tablet as my car frontend. I am looking to replace that possibly with raspberry pi. If autopi has the ability to do what it does and also connect raspberry Pi 3, maybe I can do everything I need using autopi for automation and as entertainment?

I just need to understand the benefits and features of the adapter. The product page does not provide much information.

Hi , the RPI3 is more powerful and start in a few seconds with the autopi system,you have more USB port.
The system is the same, you already have a webserver in the actual autopi, you can add an other websites.

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In addition, I would like to know what happens if I plug an AutoPi motherboard directly on a Raspberry Pi 3 without the Adapter (https://shop.autopi.io/products/raspberry-pi-3-adapter-4/) ?

In others words, does this adapter rewired something for the RaspberryPi 3 compatibility ?

Hi @Nicolas

The adapter makes it more compact and a nicer “package” - and easier to put into a casing like the one @Regi54 made.

Some people use a IDE cable instead, so that is very possible.

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Hi Malte,

Thanks, understood, I will go without adapter for my development step.

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