What are the Acura CAN capabilities?

I am interested in what AutoPi’s capabilities are with regard to the CAN bus. Specifically, I’m interested in the ability to query and manipulate the status of the door locks of my 2016 Acura.

I have been known, on occasion, to forget to lock my car. This creates a crime of opportunity for kids and hooligans walking nearby to open the car and grab whatever they want. The Product Manager in me saw a problem and started looking for a tech solution, and I ended up on this site. I’d like to write an integration with my phone that when I travel X distance from my car, the car checks if it is locked/armed and if not, locks/arms the car.

I can take care of the coding and integration with the phone, but I am unclear on what the capabilities are/are not with regard to AutoPi and the Acura CAN.

Thanks in advance. Really cool products and the community seems very kind.

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I found the blog post about how to capture and analyze CAN bus traffic, so that’s the route I’ll take.

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