What actually works?


If I buy one of these will all the advertised features actually work?

In particular I want to remotely monitor battery charging and remotely start/stop HVAC in a Kia e-Niro.


I dont have a EV car but rather a 2015 Mercedes Diesel.
Ive had AutoPI for about 2 weeks now and to be honest, there is not allot that is working for me.
I cannot read my CAN bus which probably holds much more than the limited OBD commands my car apparently support.
Even though Ive had major issues getting my PI to “work” and that it feels like functions are missing out from what is promised, Its not all on AutoPI as I belive many of things I wanted seems to be lacking due to my car :frowning:

I belive most its on the car, and for you that means: “Check what data you can get from the car first”.
Not sure how you can do it without spending money for another expensive OBD/CAN bus device.

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I have a Hyundai Kona electric ( as do others ) which should be the same as the Kia e-Niro. So you’ll have company ! I would expect the following would work for you today -

  • Read / plot a bunch of car OBD values ( such as state of charge, state of health, tyre pressures, location, speed etc etc )
  • Setup charging alerts to Telegram

Some things that don’t currently work -

  • Detecting trips for electric cars ( in progress by the autopi team )
  • Remote unlock and remote pre-heating ( I don’t believe anyone has figured this out yet for these cars )

As @alle090 said, a lot depends on if you or anyone else has reversed engineered enough of the car features.


Thanks plord.

So it sounds like OVMS is the way to go for now. They have SoC monitoring and remote control of HVAC working for the Niro. Looking at the forums it seems like AutoPi has been working on this since last year and little progress has been made.


State of charge alerts is working for me via Telegram with autopi - see Receive charging alerts on your phone ( and smart watch )

As it happens I just asked the OVMS team about starting pre-conditioning remotely and it looks like its not yet added ( see http://lists.openvehicles.com/pipermail/ovmsdev/2019-June/006105.html ).

Having said that I also plan to look more closely at OVMS once the hardware is available - it should be quicker to report data than autopi, but doesn’t support things like custom code or wifi hotspot.


Hmm, so the table here is wrong?

The user manual is a bit confusing regarding WiFi hotspots. It says it doesn’t offer internet access but then seems to say that it does.


Right now, yes, I believe this table is wrong ( see link above on the dev discussion ) - OVMS source code seems to show that pre-heating can be displayed by OVMS, but not set.

As I mentioned of the OVM dev email list, I’m happy to be wrong here :slight_smile:

I believe it can act as a access point to access the OVMS web server only - ie no routing to the 3G network.

All I’m really saying is check before you buy a OVMS … I don’t have one just reading up on it like you :slight_smile:


Yes, it does look like that feature is unsupported. It looks like it is difficult to implement.

It’s frustrating because the First Edition Niro doesn’t support telematics in the UK. Without third party support the car is greatly diminished. With the Leaf I use pre-heating a lot.


If you have Kia, you can buy module from Kia Nederland.
It is cost 199 euros. With 1 year plan.
I talk about the actual 2019 car. so you can upgrade it same as the new one. but it is different systems.

This is the link.
You should also download the app « mijnKia »
The dongle is not connected on the odb, it is another système with SIM card.
from the dialer I talk in Nederland by email, It is connected behind the display.

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you can buy there
maybe it is working on Kona, I dont know.
I search the picture of the dongle, but I remember he have a lots of connection. it is not odbd


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I wonder if you can order it and use it in other countries…