What about true Can bus connection?

Hi AutoPi forum,

The AutoPi looks like an exciting project but for me to truely get excited I would need to be able to connect directly to my cars Can bus (not everything is available in the ODB2 connector).

So to my questions,

Will I be able to connect Can high and Can low through wires?

If yes can the bus speed be changed, e.g. Mercedes uses 83.3kbs for it’s
interior bus?

If the answer is no, would it be possible to connect a Pi Hat like the pican2 duo?
edit. What gpio pins are free, not used by the AutoPi that can be used for something else?

Will the AutoPi be compatible with the new 3B+?

I would appreciate if somebody from the AutoPi team would take the time to answer my questions.


Hi Yoggi

Yes, but you will have to do it through the OBDII connector, so you can’t connect it directly on the board.

The bus speed can be changed yes, but whether or not it works with your specific car/bus I will have to redirect you to the spec of the chip we use to facilitate communication with the car.

Regarding the pican2 duo, it will most likely be incompatible, as the autopi is already a HAT in itself, and stacking HATS, can work, but only if there is no overlap. We should have some documentation up in the near future, that describes which signals are used.

RPI 3B+ has the same GPIO pin layout, so it should be perfectly compatible.

Best regards
/ Malte

Hi Malte,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes pleas give us some more information about the hardware!


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