VW e-Golf 300 - Alarm when dongle connected


my target is to use the AutoPi (Gen1; LTE) together with the e-Golf 300 (MY 2019) to somehow post the current SoC to a Raspberry Pi in my house. This is needed for my charging infrastructure. As CarNet, We-Connect etc. is not working well, this seems to be the only option.

The problem appears, when I connect the dongle via OBD-Connector and lock the car. After a few seconds the alarm system of the car wakes up the whole neighbourhood …

I can disable the interior surveillance, but this does not help. Seems, as the car detects data traffic or power consumption on the port. If I’m using another diagnosis dongle, it works without alarm.

Is there a way to prevent that? If not, AutoPi cannot be used for my project.



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